Meet Our Team

Specialist Orthodontists

Smile Council Orthodontics Dentists

Our Orthodontists have many years of clinical experience with a passion for getting the best results possible. We also participate extensively in the teaching of orthodontics to dentists and university students training to be orthodontists, dentists, and oral health practitioners.

Dr Albert WongDr. Albert Wong

I really enjoy helping our patients get the most pleasing results, and I am always looking for us to use the most up-to-date technology and the best materials available. I get such a kick when I see how happy our patients are with their smiles many years after their treatment.






Dr Sam AmariDr. Samar Amari

You can call me Sam. Our objective is simple but very important: to help you obtain a happy and healthy smile for life! Along the way, we share some great moments, but none as rewarding as the fantastic smiles we see when you leave us.






Dr Hong J ChanDr. Hong Chan

It was only until in my mid 20’s when I mustered the courage to have orthodontic treatment. I felt why should straight teeth matter? This sounds so cliché but I’m glad I did it! It’s amazing how a better smile positively influences my own self-esteem. Now I strive to help each of our patients in turn, no matter their age. It’s a real blessing for me to be part of their special journey.





Dr Alan PollardDr. Alan Pollard

I started Smile Council Orthodontics in 1983. So many of our early patients are now bringing their children and choose to send other family and friends to see us for treatment. This gives me such satisfaction and encouragement to continue to do the best we can for all our patients.






Dr Katherine DiazDr. Katherine Diaz

Hi! I’m Katherine. Straightening your smile brings me so much satisfaction and enjoyment. Not only do I work with a team of great people, I also get to make you smile before, during and after your treatment. That’s really what it’s all about!






Dr Braydon PattersonDr. Braydon Patterson

Hi I’m Braydon, and welcome to Smile Council Orthodontics! Getting to know our patients and giving them a winning smile is the most rewarding part of my job. Improving confidence and happiness with orthodontics…well that is just an added bonus of having healthy teeth and a great smile.






Dr Arjun AtreshDr Arjun Atresh

Hi, I’m Arjun! I love helping people benefit from the smile transformation that takes place with orthodontics. I look forward to getting to know you along the way, and sharing some fun moments along your journey to a happy and healthy smile.






Oral Health Practitioners

Smile Council Oral Health Practitioners

Team Leader: Lorraine

We strongly believe in the best professional care and service for you.

Our Oral Health Practitioners (OHP’s) are tertiary-qualified health professionals who are trained in either dental hygiene and/or dental therapy. They’re passionate about what they do. They will encourage and guide you in maintaining good dental health while your smile is improving. Also by working alongside your orthodontist, our oral health practitioners provide even more of personal care for you. They do love a chat.

Please remember that your specialist care with us does not replace the need for you to continue to see your general dentist for your regular dental check-up.

Treatment Coordinators

Smile Council Treatment Coordinators

Team Members: Annette, Loretta, Maureen, Michelle, Rachael, Rebecca, Rita

Orthodontic treatment can sometimes be one of life’s biggest decision for you or your child. Making sure you’re at comfort with your decision is important to us. A treatment coordinator is therefore an added value to you.

You will be greeted by your treatment coordinator at the first visit. She will introduce you to your orthodontist and further discuss your treatment in simple terms after the consultation. The role of a treatment coordinator truly complements your orthodontist in the overall care for you. She helps to coordinate your initial appointments and is available to answer any query you may have with regards to your treatment. They strive to make your experience with us truly enjoyable.

Dental Assistants

Smile Council Dental Assistants

Team Leaders: Honor, Sylvia

We have always believed that great care takes more than just the doctors. A team isn’t complete without our dental assistants. We are proud to say they keep the practice fresh and bright! – a home we like coming back to. Their eye for detail and high standards means our infection control never fails us.


Smile Council Reception Team

Our receptionists are always the first to greet you – whether it is over the front desk or on the phone. If you have any query with regards to your appointment or treatment or if you are new and haven’t been to see us before, our front desk staff are more than happy to assist you and guide you through.