Latest, most advanced Computer-Assisted orthodontic treatment.

Up till now, orthodontic treatment has in the main relied on manual placement of a standard set of braces. However, every set of teeth and smile is unique, so a significant part of treatment time is spent “tweaking” and changing the braces and wires to get the best result. It’s not easy.

What’s special about Insignia® is that we’re using the latest 3D computer technology to map and help plan the alignment of your teeth, then to custom precision manufacture and place your braces and archwires. With the outcome already precisely defined right from the very beginning of treatment, this avoids mis-steps and enhances your treatment efficiency and comfort. Making orthodontic treatment for the patient: “Easy as”.

Right now, not all orthodontic problems are suitable for Insignia treatment. Please contact us to determine your suitability and to discuss your treatment choices.